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Murah Audit Management

Add workflow efficiency and information to Audit, Risk Management, and Compliance teams, with the integration of jobs into a single solution.

Audit Management

Helps and optimizes the work of the audit team, making it possible to work together with other areas under the same platform.


Facilitates the management of obligations, in addition to establishing an efficient workflow for compliance with regulations and standards.

Policy Management

It enables the structuring of an Integrity Program, checklists, and facilitates the collection of the Code of Ethics and other Policies from stakeholders.

Risk management

Cybernetic, socio-environmental, image, legal, IT risks, among others, are some of the risks that can be mapped, measured and monitored.

Third Party Management

Improve the relationship and rank suppliers by KPIs, doing the diligence of the documentation and checklists of the activities.

Internal controls

Increases efficiency and optimizes the management of controls, directly impacting the result and the generation of the value of your company.

Business Continuity

Increases the efficiency of contingency plans and disaster recovery and ensures the continuity of your business.

GRC Platform

Optimizes the corporate governance of your company, regardless of industry, size or governance maturity.


Understand and meet customer needs, aggregating knowledge, efficiency, and quality to reduce business risk.

Product Advantages


Dashboard Monitoring

Graphically view the progress of the audit team’s activities, controlling the time and the planned and actual cost of the work. Track in real time the volume of Nonconformities and Action Plans of each department of your company.


Automatic notifications

Maintain positivity between auditors’ interactions with auditees, turn deadlines into something impersonal with automatic reporting, recurrences, and escalation through your company’s functional hierarchy.


Performance Boost

Reuse all previous audits. With a few clicks, you can replicate the work by streamlining the entire planning phase. Maintain standardization in the execution of Audits with the Questionnaire, Nonconformity, Action Plans, and other Libraries.

The solution for large and small businesses

Murah is a Brazilian company with more than 15 years of experience in the world market. With specialization and focus on the Corporate Governance platform, Murah offers services and technology solutions focused on Audit, Risk Management, and Controls, Compliance, Denunciations Channel, Loss Prevention and Fraud, Business Continuity and Content Management.

Customer and employee satisfaction

Delivering quality service above the expectations of our customers is the goal of Murah. We work daily to add value to our customers and improve their day-to-day satisfaction. Murah has an extremely capable team, committed to new technologies and always looking for innovation to deliver more and more quality to our services.

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Technology + Knowledge

We build a legacy in a world of change. We think about how technology and knowledge can together drive the operations of our customers and employees.

We always act in an ethical and coherent way with our words. Present in decision-making, we seek to meet the client’s business objectives. For us, every decision must be guided by the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior, preserving a relationship of trust, transparency and good faith.

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